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Today, there are many questions as to how to reduce our energy dependencies. Several of those answers may be found with Paramount Metal Systems and Pfister Energy. We can provide assistance and performance for your energy needs utilizing the following systems:

  • Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems
  • Solar Thermal Water Heating (SWH) Systems
  • Solar Heat Recover (SHR) Systems
  • Cool Metal Roofing (CMR)
  • Above Sheathing Ventilation (ASV) Systems
  • Rain Water Harvesting (RWH) Systems

One of those answers is taking depleting designs that create cost liabilities and turning your greatest asset, the structure, into a cost-effective revenue producer. Solar collection systems can be designed for new construction or integrated into an existing structure. These savings are enhanced with state and federal incentives that subsidize a portion of the system's cost so that you can enjoy the savings tomorrow.

Energy Efficient Solutions - Paramount Metal Systems

Paramount Metal Systems can support owner/developers and design professionals with renewable energy needs by providing:

  • Conceptual design support and feasibility studies
  • ROI analysis
  • Custom engineered packaged systems
  • Solar thermal or hybrid (PV) collectors for building 
  • Integration or modular arrays
  • Certified installation
  • Contribution points for LEED Certifications

Many existing roof systems provide an ideal platform to install renewable Photovoltaic (PV) energy systems that convert sunlight into electricity. These systems are available for surface mounted installations using attachment hardware or in a thin filmed laminated version that adheres in the pan of the new metal roof. Adding solar to the structure is only one component in reducing energy cost. Opportunities to create greater "R" values utilizing Dow "Thermax" rigid insulation allows for additional savings while upgrading the roof systems to the current Model Energy Codes.


Above Sheathing Ventilation - Paramount Metal Systems

In conjunction with Oak Ridge National Laboratories, (a DOE Lab), Paramount Metal Systems was honored to be selected as the prime Design/Build contractor to their recent application of COOL Metal Roofing and the ASV system to one of their structures at their facility. Results indicated as much as a 70% reduction of the radiant heat flux to the existing 50 year old structure providing the successful performance they were looking for.







Rainwater Harvesting - Paramount Metal Systems

Paramount Metal Systems' rainwater harvesting solutions can integrate with metal roofing and rain ware products with the most advanced rainwater collection systems in the country today.

Water conservation experts have known for some time that the smoother, cleaner, and more impervious the roof surface, the higher the water quality and the greater the amounts of water that can be collected. Pitched COOL metal roofs are an ideal platform for rainwater collection systems since they lose negligible amounts of water, while a porous or rough roof surface holds back some of the water that would otherwise make it into a recovery system. COOL standing seam metal roofs are far more efficient than concrete, built-up tar & gravel roofs which lose an average of between 10% – 15% of run-off rainwater.

Paramount Metal Systems is a single source for architects, builders and owners/developers who are looking for a viable water harvesting system that efficiently collects and disperses water using sophisticated COOL metal roofing and rain ware systems with a complete storage and dispersal system. Now they can order a single system that will arrive with all the components in one shipment with professional technical and service support to help with installation.




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