Please be patient and bear with us. (We’re taking a bit more screen time than we plan to in future blog posts to provide some background information). Today we’ll begin by giving you a full introduction to Paramount Metal Systems—who we are, what we do, and what you can expect in working with us. Then, in future posts we’ll talk about the value and cost savings realized through specific projects that you, too, may want to try. (If you’ve reached us via Facebook or Twitter, get notified of new posts that will arrive about twice a month).

All ready? Here we go…

At Paramount Metal Systems, quality matters more than quantity—we conduct our due diligence and then work to deliver expected results. Consistently, without excuses. Rely on our competent, experienced professionals who will meet your standards for quality and fair pricing as they transform a sometimes daunting large industry into a trusted working relationship from start to building completion. Your project will be completed on time, within budget, and with first-class materials because we care about what we do.

We don’t overbid, and we don’t cut corners

Construction components of design, manufacturing, and installation will be managed through our single point-of-contact representative who will integrate project components and maintain connections to a crew leader who supervises our trusted erection and installation work crews. The result? Your project will be completed on time, within budget, and with the power of solid, precision workmanship that’s built to last.

Rely upon a reputable design/build firm

The Paramount Metal Systems team offers a professional work ethic with more than one-hundred years of combined steel component, retrofit roofing, and metal building construction experience. Each assigned crew leader has more than ten years of experience, supervises a network of our trusted crews, and adheres to OSHA-compliant safety programs. We care about our people, safety, work, and results. The trusted reputation of Paramount Metal Services was built one project, one customer at a time. We do not cut corners. We deliver as expected.

Work designed for a variety of industries

Featured projects of Paramount Metal Systems include design/build steel structures and metal roofing systems for automotive, airports, banks, elementary schools, railroads, and self-storage systems. Services include architectural, engineering, manufacturing, construction, installation, and project management.

Scope of Paramount Metal Systems projects and initiatives

Typical projects and initiatives include:

Complete design/build services

Retrofit roofing systems

• Engineering, certified steel erection, and engineered steel structures


• Light gauge steel framing

• Energy-efficient solar energy systems: new construction and integration into existing structures

• Green technology

• ASV—Above Sheathing Ventilation

• Construction that may be performed simultaneously with normal business operations

• One single point-of-contact to integrate project components and save customer time, costs, and hassle

• OSHA-compliant safety programs.

Is Paramount Metal Systems for me?

When clients throughout the country sign with design and build contractor Paramount Metal Systems, they’re confident that work will be completed as expected. Whether for new, conversion, or renovation construction, or for self-storage building systems, offices, warehouses, retail, educational institutions, and other such commercial and industrial applications, Paramount Metal Systems is the choice for your contractor who will deliver to specifications.

By contracting with Paramount Metal Systems, you are sure to succeed. Call Paramount Metal Systems today to discuss the scope of your project, including a feasible cost and time frame. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and through our blog to read about future news and advancements.

Paramount Metal Systems offers design/build steel structures and roofing systems

Established in 2004, Paramount Metal Systems is a full-service design-build contractor. Paramount Metal Systems and associates serve clients with more than one-hundred years of combined experience in the steel component industry. For architectural, engineering, manufacturing, construction and project management services throughout the United States, call Paramount Metal Systems today.