Paramount Metal Systems builds for nationwide storage provider

Who do you call when you want your storage facility built well, and even built with the ability to replicate into other states, other markets? Let's take CubeSmart, a storage provider with self-storage facilities located nationwide. How does one pull together the necessary parts to construct successful storage facilities in different states? What does it take, and who can spearhead the efforts? 

Paramount Metal Systems has been an integral part of the building success for 10 CubeSmart facilities located in Texas, Tennessee, and New Jersey. Near Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), CubeSmart completed their Grapevine, Texas location with the engineering assistance of Paramount Metal Systems.

What Paramount Metal Systems did to ensure self storage success for CubeSmart

By "engineering assistance," Paramount Metal Systems stacked load bearing walls on the second and third floors to minimize cost and improve efficiency.

End-customers look for self storage to meet specific needs;

Customers with specific self-service storage needs such as CubeSmart's multi-storage self storage can also realize temperature and humidity control in the self-storage facility. It can be particularly important to customers whose up-to-date storage items require a more sensitive environment. We ensured that the most energy codes were applied to the roof and wall insulation.

Plus, this state-of-the-art facility used a variety of exterior finishes and colors to make this 103,000 sq. foot building stand out. And what really makes this facility stand out for providers is the low energy costs from cutting edge insulation and superior HVAC techniques.

Paramount Metal Systems partners work together

Paramount Metal Systems works to ensure that the sum is greater than the parts. Although the parts each contribute mightily to ensure a smooth project, it's also important to seamlessly pull together the main functions to produce a facility that meets specifications. Paramount Metal Systems provided state-of-the-art design and competent crews for installation of all framing members. allowing other crafts their required space in a timely manner.

Structural integrity, convenience, and desired storage temperatures

What are important considerations for your customers (and your customers' customers) when selecting a self-storage facility? Likely cost, convenience, and temperature and humidity-controlled space for your customers' important items. CubeSmart found that and more, all close to DFW International Airport, located in nearby Grapevine, Texas. And because Texas summers can climb into the 100's, belongings are protected in a state-of-the-art CubeSmart self storage unit that controls temperature and humidity.

Who can construct your desired self storage space?

Get your self-storage facility built by the trusted name in design/build structures, Paramount Metal Systems. Contact Paramount Metal Systems to learn more.

Paramount Metal Systems offers design/build steel structures and roofing systems

Established in 2004, Paramount Metal Systems is a full-service design-build contractor. Paramount Metal Systems and associates serve clients with more than one hundred fifty years of combined experience in the steel component industry. For architectural, engineering, manufacturing, construction and project management services throughout the United States, call Paramount Metal Systems today.