How to construct your top-notch steel structure and go green

Team up with Paramount Metal Systems, and you’ll realize the advantages of expertise, cost savings, design, and innovative solutions in constructing your low-rise steel structure. Through our affiliation with VP Buildings (Varco Pruden Buildings), you'll get your low-rise construction project built quickly, and built green.

Know that your pre-engineered steel system will be built to suit your specific needs, and then built to last. Whether your application is commercial or industrial, you can rely on Paramount Metal Systems.

Why choose Paramount Metal Systems, an Independent Authorized VP Builder?

Do you want the most efficient building solution available? Do you want your providers to have earned their qualifications through proven products and construction? How much do you value long-term experience? Do you know that an Independent Authorized VP Builder has been carefully selected and trained to complete your project in a timely manner, with the utmost quality, and with strict attention to budget? Do you know that an Independent Authorized VP Builder has available at the fingertips use of the most advanced computer system in the industry? (Those are just some of the benefits of using an Independent Authorized VP Builder).

That describes some of the many benefits in selecting Paramount Metal Systems – our affiliation with VP Buildings and Roof Systems. We'll help you to get the greatest level of flexibility in a sustainable design.


Paramount Metal Systems offers design/build steel structures and roofing systems

Established in 2004, Paramount Metal Systems is a full-service design-build contractor. Paramount Metal Systems and associates serve clients with more than one-hundred years of combined experience in the steel component industry. For architectural, engineering, manufacturing, construction and project management services throughout the United States, call Paramount Metal Systems today.