At the Goodfellow Air Force Base in San Angelo, Texas, retrofitting an existing roof with an energy efficient solar metal roofing system not only brought the project up to current code but also enhanced its capabilities to generate electricity, provide hot water to the building, reduce the energy footprint, and save costs – to the tune of about $11K annually. 

At the 17th SFS (Security Forces Squadron) facility, the addition of solar electric, solar thermal, and rainwater harvesting systems to the building's roof in 2012 is projected to save energy expenses of more than $11,000 per year and reduce energy consumption there 30% by 2025.

Paramount Metal Systems provides experienced energy expertise

Military personnel looked to Paramount Metal Systems of Little Rock, Arkansas for consulting services, along with exclusive construction management and systems installation.

At Goodfellow Air Force Base, a retrofit metal roof system with integrated renewable energy technologies showcases a holistic assembly of six different roofing system components. The retrofit roofing allows solar laminate panels to generate electricity and the solar thermal water collector to provide hot water to the building. 

The roof also has a unique ducting system added to aid in cooling the building. The rainwater system collects, manages and reuses the rain water for things such as toilet water.

Meeting energy and water conservation goals by utilizing novel technologies

“The purpose of this project will be to demonstrate that we can take various technologies, in this case a solar space heating system, a system that generates electricity from the Sun's energy, an additional insulation and ventilation system, along with cool metal roof and combine them together to dramatically reduce the overall energy footprint of this particular building,” said William Poleatewich, director of new technology for Pfister Energy, Inc.

The holistic use of these integrated components into one retrofit system is designed to maximize electricity generation and to minimize the cooling load of the building. In addition, the solar thermal technology that is integrated into the retrofit cavity is designed to optimize the energy generated for domestic hot water and for space heating.

Cost-saving results are evident and inspire future projects

Each month, results of the data collected on energy consumption of the building are sent to the 17th Civil Engineering Squadron for review. Positive results of the new additions to the roof are evident: “The electrical energy consumption of the 17th SFS building from the month of June 2011 compared to June 2012 has been reduced by 44 percent,” said Mary Lumsdon, 17th CES energy manager.

The project, first of its kind within the Air Force, utilizes cutting-edge technology and is generating interest throughout the Department of Defense.

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