In a recent blog, Paramount Metal Systems discussed David Dodge's recent appointment to the Arkansas Alternative Energy Commission relating to the potential to improve energy efficient building in Arkansas. So, what real impact does energy efficiency have on Arkansas? What does it mean to us as builders? As consumers?

Why reducing energy consumption is key

With often rising energy prices, the changing landscape of Arkansas population areas, and rising costs in general, by focusing on energy efficiency, we pay particular attention to both lowering costs and preserving our environment. One of the many ways to improve energy efficiency is to study and implement both short-term and long-term solutions, including building efficiency. (We first study to devise specific, doable energy efficient plans; we then implement them to best serve consumer needs through these viable business plans). 

Consumers can help by being prudent with consumption. Builders can help by offering streamlined solutions. Together, we can effectively pursue energy efficiency.

How Paramount Metal Systems is working to improve energy efficiency and lower your costs

Take a look at solar energy, specifically retrofit roofing and its many energy-saving benefits. Do you want specific details on energy-saving roofing?

For more information about energy efficiency as related to building construction, contact Paramount Metal Systems.

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